Sunday, June 15, 2008

Intermediate Tips for Generating Traffic With Squidoo

Squidoo is proving to be the latest tool of the generating traffic to one’s website or squeeze pages. Squidoo if used efficiently, can become a priceless advertising tool for your business. The Squidoo web site allows its users to create mini web sites called lens in which they can post links, pictures, business information, have entries made by guest books and a lot more. Squidoo has become an important means of generating traffic. Here are some intermediate tips for generating traffic with Squidoo.

The first tip is to make your lens on Squidoo content oriented. The search engines list Squidoo pages on high ranks if they are rich in keywords. If your lens on Squidoo is listed high on search engine results pages, you can drive traffic from your lens to your web page by putting links to your page. Squidoo is the excellent source of back links to your web site.

The second tip is use Squidoo as a source of list building and target the right audience by email marketing of your product. You can use the list of emails of the guest book to target the people who can possible turn into your clients.

Also you can use Squidoo as a source of increasing traffic as Squidoo is considered to be an authority site by search engines. The search engines consider the links on Squidoo as links on an Authority site. The link to your web site will be considered as a quality link and assist in generating traffic to your web site.

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