Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mom's Traffic Tip ~ ~ #2

Looking for a way to drive some extra visitors to your site?

Place a "Tell A Friend" script on your website and let your visitors advertise for you. I know I have used these in the past and I am sure lots of other people in this BIG world do too.

There are many websites that provide free scripts to do this for you. I have found a pretty neat looking one called I am installing it on MommyEnterprises to give it a try. The TellaFriends program allows a visitor to enter in the email addresses of their friends or family that they would like to tell about your web site they have just discovered. It will then send that person an email inviting them to your website. Most of these programs you can customize the email that is sent to the people you invite.

This is a great way to get some word of the mouth referrals :)

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin

Sunday, October 03, 2004

A Tip To Get Others To Publish Your Aticles

Do you write articles but wish you had more places publishing them? You need to offer them with an incentive. Make them have a reason for wanting to publish your article on their site or newsletter.

For those that write articles about your own products you could offer them the right to replace your affiliate link or your link with their own affiliate link. This is a win, win situation. You get your article published with your bio at the bottom with your link and the other person gets great content plus the posiblity of making a sale.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin

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