Friday, August 11, 2006

Looking for places to plug your button?

For those of you looking for free traffic to your site, I have put together a list of sites today I found with plugboards. These are for the button size of 88x31 only. I started to plug and within a day it was bringing extra traffic to my site.

Here is my list of places to plug your button:


Stefani Partin

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Search Engine Marketing: 20 Strategies to Compel People to Link to Your Website

It is essential to establish quality inbound links from websites with high page ranks to attain a high ranking amongst search engines. The 20 guidelines listed below should be followed diligently.

1. Develop content related to your site with links on all pages. Offer other websites to post it on their sites free of cost. This will expose you more to your target audiences.
2. Permit other websites to publish your beneficial review of their business if they link up to your website.
3. Include your websites ad and link in every issue of your e-zine. Allow other sites to publish your e-zine on their site.
4. Let other sites give away free web book designed with your website title and contents on linking to your website.
5. Place a banner ad on the top of the article directory for your website. By linking to your site, visitors can add a free article directory to their site.
6. Allow other sites to use your discussion board by linking. Add your banner ad on top of discussion board.
7. Offer free membership to your "members only" websites.
8. Pay commission to visitors to sell your product or services, and an affiliate link to track their sales.
9. Create a graphic or text link award site for other websites. They will link on to it for awarding the winners, thus building traffic for your site.
10. Offer free consultation on e-mail on a particular subject i.e. astrology to people linking to your site. Traffic volumes will increase, as consulting fee is otherwise expensive.
11. Let other website publish your product approval testimonial by linking to your site.
12. Put your business ad on top of directory"s home page and let people add the directory to their site by linking to your site.
13. Exchange content of trade articles, lists etc. with other websites. All parties can include a resource box at end of the content.
14. Allow people to download software free of charge, if they link to your site.
15. Trade various forms of advertising with people who link up to your website.
16. Give web space to people for free. As a favor, request them to place ad banners of link for your web site.
17. Create a web ring by linking with a group of similar web sites.
18. Offer free membership to an online club or association, if they link to your site.
19. In exchange of linking, offer use of online services or utilities from your website.
20. Offer free e-book related to your audience to people linking to your web site.

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