Sunday, February 27, 2005

How to get your customer's email address legitimately

Need a few pointers on how to obtain your customers and site visitors email address legitimately? Below is a few tips on how to legitimately get an email address from your customer.

1) Put a subscription box on a prominent site of your home page. Another good idea for those of you that have templates and/or menus on your sites, put the subscription box on your menua and/or template. The more pages your subscription box is shown, the better chances of signups to your newsletter/mailing list.

2) Create a webpage just for your newsletter or mailing list. Some of you will just put a subscriptoin box to your (autoresponder/mailing list vendor). So the people just signup trusting you have something to offer them. What you want to do is create a seperate webpage just for this list. See my newsletter homepage here:
One I have the subscription box on my menu in the template and have a link to the newsletter's webpage as well.

3) Offer your visitor's and/or customer's something of value for joining. I have put together an ebook library and newsletters are given access to download valuable ebooks and reports. See the link above for an my tip put into action there. It WORKS.

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Stefani Partin

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