Wednesday, September 22, 2004

$110.00 in FREE PPC Advertising Money

Hope all of you have been using PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your websites. Most that do use PPC advertising use either Google or Overture. But there are thousands of other PPC engines out there that everyone is missing out on.

I have heard that advertising on Overture can be expensive. I myself have not tried Overture but am in the process of experimenting with Google and the smaller engines to test the waters. As some of these smaller PPC search engines don't provide the large amount of traffic that the search engine giants provide, the smaller engines give you free advertising money. Some give you $5.00 to open account where I have seen others offer $25.00 in free money.

I found a few of them that offer free advertising money just for opening an account. There is no money required to open an account. This money is completely FREE.

A1 Search - Offering $25.00 free
911 Search - Offering $5.00 free - Offering $10.00 free
Federacy - Offering $10.00 free
KwickSearch - Offering $20.00 free
My Town Search - Offering $10.00 free

Below are a few offering free money but you have to put a deposit money first before you can receive your free bonus.

$10.00 free with Dot Surf. This one requires a $10.00 deposit
Jumpfind is also offering $25.00 free with a $25.00 minimum deposit.

Wow, that is a total of $110.00 in FREE PPC advertising money for you to practice with. Have fun!

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Stefani Partin
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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Want to build your list of subscribers

Do you have a newsletter but don't have the subscriber list you once imagined having? Going a little extra out of the way may bring in a few extra subscribers per week. Those few new subscribers per week can add up, leading to more advertisers and more sales.

Here are a few ideas to get you going to build your subscriber list.

* Free Stuff - Offer your subscribers a free gift for joining. Heck, you might want to offer them several free gifts. Some free great gifts are free ebooks, free reports or maybe free advertising in your newsletter. There are a ton of ebooks online that you can download and brand with your website name to give away.

* Ad Swaps - Look online for newsletters that have an audience that would enjoy what you have to offer and ask the publisher to swap newsletter ads. There are forums/boards online just for this ad swap purpose. Here is a forum on Internet Based Moms that serves just for ad swaps.

* Contests - Offer a monthly or weekly contest for your newsletter. Make the prize available to those who are members of your newsletter. You can also ask others to sponsor your contest and provide the winner with the prize. Of course you would give the contest sponsor free advertising somewhere but I heard contests bring in lots of new subscribers.

* Ezine directories - Get your newsletter listed in as many online ezine directories as you can.

* List Building Services - There are services online that can help with adding to your subscriber list too. One of the services I recommend is ListInferno. How these services basically work is you put a line of code on your site. This line of code produces a list of newsletters. As you receive hits to your page with that code on it, your newsletter is then shown on others list of newsletters, easy enough!

There are plenty of other ways of gaining subscribers to your list. Just practice with different methods and find the ones that work for your newsletter.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin
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