Saturday, December 04, 2004

Do you use Trafficswarm

There are so many traffic exchanges out there, how do you choose which one
to use? I have tried many with not much luck.

Some time ago an online friend of mine told me how she used these traffic exchanges to her advantage. She told me she sets her startup page as a rotator script. I asked her for the script
and have been using it ever since. Everytime I startup my browser, it will randomly open
one of my traffic exchange programs. So instead of just being able to start my browser on one program, I can actively use as many programs as I want. I currently am only using about 4 of the programs that are working the best for me. My friend also suggested putting your referral links in each of the other programs you are using, let your credits build up and then put your regular links in the programs. I hope I didn't confuse anyone. :)

Well as for traffic exchanges my favorite is going to have to be TrafficSwarm. Now this program is actually bringing a swarm of traffic to my links. I am a free member too. How TrafficSwarm works is you get your own unique TrafficSwarm link. You can either set your browsers startup page as this or you can put it in your favorites. When you visit this link, you will see a list of other sites, when you visit those sites listed you earn credits towards your links shown on other users screen. You can also upgrade to Pro and earn even more traffic. I have placed a few links and have created a downline underneath me now of 108 (87 1st level & 21 2nd level). As of now I have earned 10,010 credits just from my downline. I am going to have to give TrafficSwarm a thumbs UP.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin

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