Saturday, June 25, 2005

Some SEO Tips To Remember

Below are some tips to remember when setting up a new website.

1. First make sure that you buy a good domain. Try to include
your type of business in your domain. For example I have a website
with classifieds for work at home opportunities. I own the domain

2. When naming each file of your website, try to use the theme of
the page in your filename as well. If you are using something that
is two words use the - and not the _ . For example if you were
creating a page on mortgage refinancing you could create the
filename mortgage-refinancing.html.

3. Be sure to add the title tag to your website . Use your important keywords in this tag and try using thest ones in the beginning. For example, if your webpage is about mortgage
refinancing tips, be sure that your title tag reads "Mortgage Refinancing Tips".

4. Be sure to include your main keywords in the content of your
webpages as well. Don't overdo it. Each search engine determines
your keyword density of the webpage in differnet ways. Here is a
neat little tool to anyalyze your keyword density:

5. Last but not least, don't forget to get inbound links. I recommend
creating a link directory of some on your website. Make sure you
welcome your visitors to exchange links. Don't refuse a link to your
site because it is not the same theme of your site. If you have a good
website, people will naturally want to link to your site.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin