Friday, January 07, 2005

Ways to get inbound links to your site

Are you looking for additional ways to receive inbound links to your site and maybe get some without providing one in return?

Below are ways to get "inbound links" to your website. The more inbound links the easier the search engines have in finding its way to your site. While some links may cost you there are several free methods as well. I would suggest starting with the free methods first

1. Articles - Have something to write about? Create your own articles and submit them to websites to be published. The key is to include a little bio about you at the end and include your website link. The more the article is published, the more links you will have pointing to your website. There are tons of places online to submit your article to as well.

2. Link directory - Create a link directory on your site. With your link directory require a recipricol link back to your site. Be sure to link with sites that are related to yours. Linking to related websites will improve your search engine rankings.

3. Directory Listings - Purchase a listing in some popular directories for the market your website is in. If you are in the candle business find online candle directories and get listed. Do your research first before purchasing ads, you will want to get your money worth. Ask the webmaster how many visitors the site gets and do a comparison of ad rates with other sites.

4. Free Ebook - Write an ebook and offer it free to webmasters in exchange for a link on your site. There are free software programs you can download as well to create the ebook. You don't have to be a professional to write an ebook. Be sure the ebook will be helpful to the readers. Don't forget to add a link to your website in your ebook as well.

5. Blog - Create a blog and include a link to your site in your template. Then publish your blog frequently. Search engines tend to spider blogs quickly and the more you publish your blog, the more webpages it will create online to be spidered.

6. Resourceful website - Make sure your website has lots and lots of information. Include helpful content, articles, resources and tools your visitors will benefit from. If your website provides its visitors will helpful information you will most likely get links to your site without even asking for them.

I think that is going to sum it up for now. Remember to keep building and building those inbound links to your site. It will pay off in the end when you end up with thousands of links to your site. I have been very successful over the last year creating inbound links.

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