Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Things You Don't Want To Do To Your Website

Here is a brief list of things you want to avoid when creating and maintaining your website. Remember to always think from your visitors point of view.

1. Don't repeat the same content on your webpages. Make each and every one of your pages have fresh content. Make your content unique and appealing.

2. Don't use alot of animation/flash. You might think that you are impressing your visitor but in reality you might be making your visitor frustrated. Those without a fast internet connection or older computer might not be able to load all the high tech website tools you might want to add.

3. Don't change the size and type of your font on your pages. Keep to a normal size for your text content. I prefer to use size 2 and I make my headings a size 3.

4. Don't forget to add your title tag to your webpage. A majority of the search engines use the title tag in your search engine listing results. If you don't design your own webpages ask your webmaster to make sure your title tags are done.

5. Don't add a ton of images to your webpages. The more images you have the slower your webpage takes to load. This could cause your visitor to get frustrated and click off your site before it finishes loading.

6. Don't change your topics. Try to keep only one topic per webpage. If your webpage seems to be long you might want to try rewriting it and breaking it down into additional topics.

7. Don't use "Page Under Construction" signs on your site. If the page isn't ready, simply don't publicize it. Make sure to customize your 404.html error pages. You don't want to lose a visitor.

8. Don't change your links. As you build your site, people will begin to link to these pages on your website. If you change your links those links coming into your site will lead your visitors to a dead link, not good.

9. Don't misguide your visitors to your site. If you are selling products from your site, you will want targeted visitors, not visitors that thought they were coming for something else.

10. Don't put a hit counter on your webpage. Yeah put one on your ebay auctions for the fun of it but don't put them on your webpages, it looks tacky. The hit counters stats don't count as actual visitors. Each image on your page counts as a hit so if you have lots of images on each page its going to count each of those images as a visitor.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on things to avoid.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin
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