Monday, September 27, 2004

Link Popularity

Link Popularity - Pretty popular phrase these days!

I have been slowly but surely gaining inbound links to Mommy Enterprises through link exchanges, advertising, etc.

On 09/19/04 I checked my link popularity with Market Leaps Link Popularity tool. On the 19th this tool told me that I had 1,954 links to Mommy Enterprises. Eight days later, I check to again see how popular I am!!

Wow, as today Mommy Enterprises now has 2,427 links to it. Pretty impressive huh? That is 473 more links in just eight days.

How am I doing it you ask? Well I am always looking for ways to get my link out there. I have signature files in all my mailing lists, discussion groups, forums. I also have a link directory for link exchanges.

Want to build your link popularity? A few things you might want to try are:
  • Add a link directory on your site. Make sure to add a page just with a variety of image and text links for your site that other webmasters can use.
  • Join a few discussion groups/forums and become an expert in your area. Make sure to include your signature file, if permitted on these forums you join.
  • Write your own articles and include your website info in your bio. After writing your articles, submit them to related websites to be published.
  • Browse related websites and sign their guestbook if they offer one. Most guestbooks include an entry for your website url.
  • Take advantage of free advertising. Some webmasters will offer free advertising spots when they are new to the web.

There are many more ways to increase your link popularity out there. The methods I mention above are the methods that I have tried and are proven to be working for me.

Until Next Time

Stefani Partin
Mommy Enterprises