Friday, December 09, 2005

Are You Content With Your Content? 5 Ways to Immediately Drive Traffic and Sales Through the Roof

by Dina Giolitto

Following are Five Immediate Changes You Can Make to Drive Traffic and Sales Through the Roof!

1. Put More Oomph in Your Articles.

Don't tell the reader what he "could" do; tell him what he MUST do! Which of these sounds more dynamic to you: great copy, or brilliant copy? Speak in an authoritative tone, and you will be regarded as an authority. Go bookmark in your favorites folder right now. You NEED power words to make your copy pop!2. Tell the Reader Exactly What to Do.

Ever read someone else's web page and find yourself going into "the zone?" That happens to your reader, too. Snap him into action while he's caught in the trance. Click Here. Buy Now. Pop Your Email Address in the Subscriber Box Below. Seems almost silly, right? But call to actions are everywhere because they really WORK.3. For the Love of God, Dumb it Down.

Here's a big goof that new web writers frequently make: writing copy that's too abstract, too esoteric, too philosophical. Translation: you MUST dumb it down. This is the web, we're all distracted as heck. I guarantee, nobody will think less of you if you simplify your concepts and language. Equate your web copy with a highway billboard. Surfers are cruising by, no heavy reading is going on here. Just trust me on this one, Smarty Pants.4. Tell Them How It's Done.

Another common content error: letting your reader know what he CAN do, but never telling him HOW to do it. Today's web has everyone falling all over themselves to give away free information. If you do not inform your reader with the basics of how to accomplish a task, perform a function or use a new tool, I guarantee he will find out from someone else. 5. Be a Branding Whore!

Spend enough time hanging out in online networks, and you will recognize the Power Players by their ID Badge - that signoff that distinguishes what they do and lists their URL. Brand your business in every single email, article, forum post and blog entry that you write. NEVER assume taht everyone in the group knows you. Someone new will always come by... and can leave again just as quickly. Make your mark everywhere you can.

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