Saturday, March 19, 2005

3 Reasons why your site isn't being visited

Every wondered how all those other sites get tons of visitors and your doesn't?

Below are 3 reasons why your site isnt being visited:

1. You don't offer something free. People like to see the word FREE. Offer
some sort of freebie on your site. Some ideas include a free contest,
free ebook, free recipes, free report, free tips, and free shipping.

2. You don't offer original content. Be sure to have content on your site
that isn't offered on another site. It is okay to use others content such
as articles but be sure to include content of your own. If you offer your
visitors something they can't find somewhere else, they will be bound
to visit your site.

3. You do not have any incoming links to your site. The search engines
will not find you if there is no other sites linking to you. In fact the more
your site is listed on others sites, the more likely your site will be indexed.
If you don't have a link exchange or directory on your site, I would advise
setting one up. Then exchange links with sites related to yours.

Until Next Time
Stefani Partin

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